Pilates NJ offers superb training in the Pilates technique out of Warren Township in Central NJ. Premier Pilates & Yoga NJ offers access to a fully equipped Pilates studio with Pilates instruction by Deborah Harris, a certified Pilates instructor formerly of Pennsylvania Ballet.



Which Studio is Right for Me? - Ten Questions to Ask

With a burgeoning demand in Pilates instruction, a number of sites around the country began their own Pilates Certification Programs. The quality of these programs varies greatly, from online certification courses simply requiring a certification fee to the original Authentic PilatesTM Certification Program in New York City. An influx of inadequately trained instructors, who are not familiar with the nuances and modifications of the Pilates technique (such as those for people with back pain), has resulted in some members of the public even getting injured.

We recognize that the making the appropriate choice for your Pilates Instruction is key to your success with Pilates. The following are some general guidelines, questions, and information you can use to help you find a properly trained and qualified Pilates teacher:

1. Are the instructors trained through a comprehensive, nationally recognized training program?
Deborah Harris received her training in Authentic PilatesTM at the The Pilates StudioTM Certification Program based in New York City. There she was trained and certified by Romana Kryzawinska, an internationally acknowledged Grand Dame of Pilates, who started as Joseph Pilates protégé and star pupil in the 1940s.

2. Did that training program require a written and practical test, lecture, observation, practice and apprentice hours?
    Instructors certified by The Pilates StudioTM teach Authentic PilatesTM and must complete a rigorous training program and apprenticeship. This program includes 75 pre-requisite sessions with a certified instructor, attendance at a series of training workshops, and an apprenticeship of no less than 600 hours. During these hours the apprentice observes certified instructors and is guided by a "Teacher of Teachers¨. Deborah successfully passed a series of three practical exams and three written exams which had to be passed prior to solo teaching.
3. How many total hours were spent in the training program?
(The Pilates Method is a knowledge-based method of exercise and training. Time spent in certification training produces qualified teachers.)
    Deborah completed over 600 hours of practical instruction in her certification program and had to demonstrate an excellence in working on all different Pilates equipment, as well as an ability to work safely and effectively with women and men at all levels of fitness and ability, including those with musculoskeletal injuries.

4. Does the instructor have any other movement related teaching experience?
Deborah has a strong background in Dance. She completed her BFA in Dance at Temple University and has taught numerous dance classes since. In addition, Deborah, continues becoming familiar with Yoga to further integrate mind-body techniques into her teaching style.
5. How long have the instructors been teaching Pilates?
    During the past four years Deborah has been teaching Pilates in numerous studios across the Northeast, from Lancaster, PA to New York City. Prior to starting her own studio in Warren, NJ, she taught at the Pilates Studio at the Pennsylvania Ballet in Philadelphia. She has also taught extensively at Thomas Jefferson University Medical School and has taught numerous Master Classes, including one recently at Franklin & Marshall College .
6. What is the instructor's/studio's philosophy? Are they able to handle special needs, injuries and rehabilitation?
    Premier Pilates & Yoga is dedicated to improving it's clients' level of fitness and their sense of well-being. Deborah believes that Pilates should be challenging but fun and spiritually invigorating. She is committed to her clients and works hard to accommodate their busy lives. At the same time she expects dedication from her students and a commitment to self-improvement.

     While at the Pennsylvania Ballet studio, Deborah worked very closely with a physical therapist. She had a chance to apply her training and perfect her approach to clients with such varying conditions as scoliosis, multiple sclerosis, hip surgery rehabilitation, chronic pain syndromes, fibromyalgia, and low back pain. She has worked with Prima Ballerinas, principles from Cirque Du Soleil, members of Broadway shows "Fosse" and "Contact." She was even an integral part of a recovery team for Phillip Dulebohn, an Olympic Ice Skater. Deborah enjoys the challenge of the rehabilitation work and is constantly amazed by the quality of improvement her clients experience with Pilates.
7. Do the instructors continue with their Pilates education?
    In order to stay current with the Pilates Method, Deborah has taken continuing education courses every year since becoming a Certified Pilates Instructor. She believes that pursuit of excellence is a lifelong journey and one's learning should not simply end with certification.
8. Does the instructor or studio teach the full repertoire of Pilates on all pieces of apparatus?
    Not only does Premier Pilates & Yoga have a Wunda Chair, a Reformer, a Cadillac, a Small Barrel, and a Large Barrel, but all the machines are of the highest quality, and are crafted by Gratz Industries, a company that used to manufacture equipment for Joseph Plates himself. In addition, Deborah is trained and experienced in teaching Pilates at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels on these apparatuses.



9. Do the instructors belong to a national professional organization committed to preserving the quality of Pilates instruction?
    Deborah Harris is a proud member of The Pilates Guild and Pilates Method Alliance. Since 1990 The Pilates Guild™ has been an international organization dedicated to the preservation of Authentic Pilates™. The Pilates Method Alliance® (PMA™) is the international, not–for–profit, professional association dedicated to the teachings of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates. Both are non-profit organizations with a mission is to protect the public by establishing certification and continuing education standards for Pilates professionals.
10. What is the studio's level of commitment to the community at large?
Premier Pilates & Yoga is firmly dedicated to being a contributing member of the community. As such, we routinely contribute to local charities, like the Somerset Medical Center Foundation and the Long Hill Township Library Fund. In addition, Deborah is a frequent speaker in the community on such health topics as "Getting Back into Shape after Childbirth" and "How to Stay Fit After Retirement."

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