Our studio is the only fully-equipped Pilates studio in Central NJ. We are located at 53 Mountain Boulevard in Warren Township and can be easily reached from all points in New Jersey (see directions), Philadelphia and New York City. Our name reflects our philosophy: we offer our clients nothing less than superb instruction in Authentic PilatesTM as it was originally created by Joseph Pilates and on the equipment he designed to optimize his technique.
     In our studio you start with an initial assessment. This is a special introductory session. We will examine your history and ask about your personal goals. It is especially important to mention to us if you have had any injuries, car accidents, or chronic musculoskeletal conditions, such as a "frozen shoulder" or low back pain. One of the major strengths of Pilates is the ability to modify exercises to focus improvement on the areas of injury.

     We will then guide you through a Pilates workout where we will assess your physical condition. This process will enable us to design a program to best suit your needs.  After this, each session is by appointment and is one full hour long. You will continue to be guided, monitored and assessed on an individual basis. In the studio we perform some exercises on the mat and some on equipment. We emphasize "core stabilization" which is essential in giving support to the joints and forms the basis of your strength as well as your back care. As appropriate, we will work on strength, flexibility, posture, stamina, control and body awareness using a variety of imaginative and invigorating exercises that Pilates is famous for.
     We at Premier Pilates & Yoga work at reprogramming body patterns, more or less re-educating your muscle memory. Just like when you are learning a new language, the best method is to be exposed to it for long periods of time and as frequently as possible. With Pilates, we are not only adding new patterns to the bodies' memory but trying to discard old ones. For that reason, we encourage from the very first session for clients to come in at least twice a week, to derive as much benefit as possible from this training.

     Finally, one of the best things about Pilates conditioning is that the range and number of exercises actually increases as you continue your study. In addition, there is a myriad of variations on many of the individual exercises. To progress to these more difficult, more intricate movement patterns, your body and mind must acquire a thorough understanding of the simpler exercises. Changes in physical appearance take time and consistency. Many clients look to Pilates for a change in their physical appearance and tension relief. These are the things that you will see, feel and notice quickly in your every day life. And the more regular you are about your training, the sooner you will see drastic improvement in these areas.
     We believe that Pilates should be challenging but fun and spiritually invigorating for all clients. Deborah is highly committed to her clients and works hard to accommodate their busy lives. At the same time she expects dedication from them and a serious commitment to improving how they feel, how they function and how they relate to the world.

( Premier Pilates & Yoga, Inc. - (908) 754 5901
.  53 Mountain Boulevard, Warren, NJ 07059

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