Pilates NJ offers superb training in the Pilates technique out of Warren Township in Central NJ. Premier Pilates & Yoga, NJ offers access to a fully equipped Pilates studio with Pilates instruction by Deborah Harris, a certified Pilates instructor formerly of Pennsylvania Ballet.



    Over the years Deborah has received numerous letters of appreciation and gratitude. We thought we'd let you sample what some of her students and other Pilates enthusiasts shared about the Pilates technique and the impact it had on them.

    "I immediately found Pilates to be challenging yet relaxing, and overall a very enjoyable form of exercise. To my surprise, it really did create a feeling of mental and physical well-being. As someone who had been doing weight training for several years, I was surprised that I never experienced soreness or even noticeable stiffness after one of my twice-a-week Pilates sessions."

    "I wear a smaller size pants, although my weight has not changed. Iím also much more conscious of the way I move, bend, sit, climb stairs, and breathe. Even better, recent x-rays revealed that the curvature of my spine has actually decreased from 25 to 15 degrees since I began doing Pilates. My chiropractor explained that this is a notable improvement, especially for a 47-year-old woman."

Janet Teacher, 47

"As a male in his late fifties I was initially apprehensive about starting on an exercise program in a discipline I had heard of but was unfamiliar with. However after experiencing Deborah's expert guidance and superb instruction I can only say that I am extremely pleased that I met her and decided to enter into her Pilates program. She is a true professional."

Jim Spencer, 58

    "Pilates is the most superior form of physical fitness techniques I have found to compliment my classical ballet training. However, one doesn't need to be a dancer to enjoy the benefits of Pilates technique. Not only does Pilates tone and strengthen the body, it also revitalizes and energizes the mind."

Elaine Mathews, 17

    "Pilates has released my back and neck tension and the encouraging, supporting atmosphere of the studio makes it a joy as well as a challenge. I have noticed so much difference and am committed to Pilates for life."

Lyn Allen, 54

    "I started Pilates 6 months ago to change the shape of my body. The gym has really disillusioned me as I was working out really hard, but finding that I was only getting bulkier. I heard that ballet dancers do Pilates as it lengthens and tones the muscles and basically, I wanted to look like them! The results have been amazing. My thighs seemed to have slipped away. They are thinner, more stretched and feel so much lighter. My stomach looks the flattest it's ever been and my bottom has lifted and firmed so much that I swear my legs look two inches longer. Everyone comments on my body and asks me what I am doing and the other week, someone asked me if I was a dancer! Pilates is the best."

Sue Brody, 32

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